What Do I Do During Summer?


Finally, here comes the summer season! It’s the most awaited season by many, just to either stay in the sun, go to the beaches, swimming pools, and enjoy a vacation. Let me tell you about what I want to do during summer!

Well, summer hasn’t arrived here officially yet, but right now, we get the sandals and wear them, and we officially open the doors to make those follies.

One of my favorite activities is to engage in the water…either sweet, salty, swimming pool, river or sea. I am an aquatic woman, as my mother says. For this reason, one of my sources of entertainment is to take photographs of everything that I have around me when I’m in bodies of water, either from within or outside the water. I always have to be surrounded by water.

From under the water:

Credits: marieta

From out of the water:

Credits: marieta

What do you like to do during the summer season?

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