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The cover photo of Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album was yes, shot on film.

In my incessant quest to find album covers with remarkable images, I rummaged through my collection of CDs and found the perfect album to feature —-Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History.

Photo via wikipedia

Tourist History is the Irish electropop/alternative band’s debut studio album, released under French independent record label Kitsuné in February 2010. The album title alludes to the reputation of their hometown, Bangor, as a tourist attraction.

The cover shows the image of a green-eyed cat wearing a crown. The cat’s eyes have been stylized, with the two O’s from the word ‘door’ in the band’s name made to look like spectacles for the feline. The cover art was created by Megaforce, for which the photographer, Leo Berne, also assumes the role of a director.

The photo was taken using an Olympus µ2 with Fujichrome Velvia film. There are three other very interesting photos that are part of the inlay, also shot on film. One even has the trace of a time stamp on it. If you want to see the original cat photo and Leo’s other shots, you can check them out on Flickr.

In his website ibarelyremember.com, the film photographer shares,

“I take pictures like a tourist, mostly to create nice images and souvenirs but in a way, I feel that photography is a weak way to help you to remember. It creates images that become stronger than your souvenirs or memories and consumes them. With time, I find myself trying to recreate the memories starting from the picture, instead of including the picture inside the true memory.”

Very well said. And his vision for taking photos perfectly complements the title of the album, too!

1. Cigarettes in the Theatre
2. Come Back Home
3. Do You Want It All?
4. This Is the Life
5. Something Good Can Work
6. I Can Talk
7. Undercover Martyn
8. What You Know
9. Eat That Up, It’s Good for You
10. You’re Not Stubborn

Two Door Cinema Club was formed in 2007. The three-piece Northern Irish ensemble consists of Alex Trimble on vocals, rhythm guitar, beats, and synth; Sam Halliday on lead guitar and back-up vocals; and Kevin Baird on bass and back-up vocals.

Sam, the lead guitarist, once mispronounced the name of Tudor Cinema, a local cinema, and so they were stuck with a band name.

You have ten tracks in this album. Ten tracks that will make you prance around in electropop-infused glory.

You know that you have a young carefree trio weaving the tunes here. Yes, you’ll hear a boy wooing a girl through song upon listening to the lyrics. Nothing too serious here, just them romantic yet snappy verses against pretty impressive guitar work and complementary synths, all conspiring to form catchy melodies that’ll force you to tap your feet all throughout. Indeed, catchy is the cliché to perfectly describe the songs in this album.

Cigarettes in the Theatre sets the mood perfectly, Come Back Home is a powerful enough follow-up, and by the time you’re on the third track, Do You Want It All, you know, that yes, you want to hear the rest. You’ll have time to listen to all of the tracks, as each one is only about three minutes or so. A quick fix of quick-cadenced tunes.

A sunshiny, spirited disposition echoes through TDCC’s songs, and a listener will have no choice but to absorb all that mirth and energy, and dance it out before he does somersaults from too much elation. Refreshing actually, a most suitable repertoire of songs to listen to when you don’t want to intellectualize things too much and you just want to feel good and have fun.

Recommended tracks? Well there’s Come Back Home, Cigarettes in the Theatre, Undercover Martyn, What You Know… gee, that’s half the track list already.

Oh and just in case you’ll be in Belfast today, you might want to catch Two Door Cinema Club at the IF charity event.

Till next week’s Weekend Music Review!

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  1. lokified
    lokified ·

    I heard this album in a shop last year then went and bought it. It's been on my shelf and in my ipod rotation but I had no idea the cover was shot on film! Go figure.

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