Super Selfies Taken Using the Horizon Cameras

2013-06-23 3

The Horizon cameras may be a lot bigger than your usual favorite compacts for self-portraits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take neat selfies with them! Take a look at some super selfies taken by our fellow lomographers using their Horizon cameras after the jump!

Self-portraits are almost always in order whenever we want to try out a new camera, or we want to try something new (a.k.a. get experimental) with them. A series of circumstances finally drive us to try it out: we see a mirror, our reflection on the puddle after the rain, a stunning view behind us (but there’s no one to take a photo of us). It’s usually easier with a compact camera like the Lomo LC-A+ and Lomo LC-Wide, but what if you have something bigger with you — like your Horizon Kompakt or Horizon Perfekt, perhaps? Is a self-portrait still achievable?

Of course, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, the Horizon cameras are among your best bets when it comes to taking the best self-portraits you may ever have. They’re focus-free, which means there’s no need to worry about getting blurs from wrong focus settings and holding it at the usual arm’s length will do! Of course, the neat panoramic format is perfect for taking selfies while you’re traveling, so you also get to include the interesting sceneries and elements behind you. It also does a superb job of taking super selfies with your friends!

Not convinced yet? Take a look at some nice self-portraits by our fellow lomographers below!

Credits: mephisto19, le_ors, life_on_mars, neja, leocardarelli, itisanormalname, noe_arteaga, emilios, hazy_baby & snoop

Got a super Horizon selfie that you want to share with us? Go ahead and leave a comment below with a link to your photo!

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