Stunning Sunsets Snapped Using the Belair X 6-12

2013-06-28 1

Let’s admit it, we’re all bound to pursue the most stunning of sunsets with our cameras, hoping to get those beautiful rays and fiery hues etched permanently on film. Maybe you have a long line of film cameras in your stash waiting to capture those perfect sunsets, but maybe you’d also like to consider enlisting your Belair X 6-12 to do the job. Just take a look at these breath-taking sunsets captured by our fellow lomographers using their Belairs!

Sunsets are among every photographer’s favorite subjects, and we lomographers are no strangers to this pursuit to snap picture-perfect ones whenever sundown starts. Maybe we can even consider it an addiction, like self-portraits, only more captivating and dynamic. Many of us may even feel the urge to chase the setting sun all the more this summer season, since the skies are clearer, the days are longer, and the sun shines brighter!

If you haven’t been chasing sunsets with your Belair X 6-12 camera, now may be a perfect time to do so. Treat yourself and your Belair with a stunning spectacle of fiery hues and dramatic silhouettes this summer! Load your Belair with slide films for vibrant results or even redscale films to make those silhouettes stand out; choose between 6×6, 6×9, or 6×12 formats to frame your sunsets the way you want it; and maybe even shoot sprocketed panoramas with the help of the Belair’s dedicated 35mm Back!

Credits: ricoinbrooklyn, simonesavo, blueskyandhardrock, vgzalez, sixsixty, mephisto19 & dida

Shot a stunning sunset with your Belair X 6-12 recently? Go on and share it with us with a comment below!

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