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Here’s a little history behind the new Konstruktor camera! Rooted in concepts like cubism, modernism, and futurism, Constructivist architecture was the Soviet Union’s way to use art for a social purpose, heading towards the newly emerging Russia.

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Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, the emergence of Constructivist art brought along Constructivist architecture, as the Soviet Union used advancing technology and superior engineering for a Communist purpose during this sociopolitical and economic tansitional period. Futurists like Tatlin argued that art shouldn’t just be admired from a museum wall, but made to be useful by the people.

Tatlin's Tower was the premier Constructivist structural project. In 1919, the first plans to build the headquarters of the Comintern of St. Petersburg were announced and materials such as glass and steel were used for the prototype but it was never completed.

Photo via World of Level Design

Elements of Constructivist architecture:

  • minimal
  • geometric
  • spatial
  • architectonic
  • experimental

Constructivist building features:

  • glass and steel
  • machine-made building parts
  • technological details such as antennae, signs, and projection screens
  • abstract geometric shapes
  • a sense of movement

Constructivist architects:

  • Vladimir Tatlin
  • Konstantin Melnikov
  • Nikolai Milyutin
  • Aleksandr Vesnin
  • Iakov Chernikhov
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