Fun Under the Sun: Hello Pangandaran Beach!

2013-06-19 5

Who could say no for sound of waves, heat of the sand, and smell of the sea? Find out more after the jump!

Credits: spidey27

Summer time is here, and we decided to spend it in Pangandaran Beach, a beach in west Java, Indonesia. This beach is one of West Java’s best kept-secrets as far as international tourists are concerned. It’s not really far from my hometown (Bandung) — just about 150 miles away. Pangandaran is located on a peninsula on the south coast of West Java, about 56 miles from the town of Ciamis. It offers uniquely black and white sand, calm-waved beaches and spectacular views.

This beach is quite famous, and many people come there for holiday. But we are different. We also went there without any plans; the idea of going there came all of a sudden in the end of the month. It means we, as college students, have minimum budget, actually. We went there not during the holiday season, but just as sweet escape from tiring college life, and, yeah, just for fun!

Credits: spidey27

We left from my house early in the morning, because we didn’t want to be wasting our time. After a five-hour drive, we headed to Pangandaran. SInce went not during the holiday season, Pangandaran Beach was so quiet; it looked like there were no other tourists but me and my friends. But it maDes our holiday more fun because it felt like we got our private island, we were free to go to every part of the beach. Usually, this beach is crowded, almost all hotels are fully booked during the holidays. So, lucky us! We rented a house for six, played on the beach everyday, swam in the sea like we just forgot about time until our skin ached from sunburn. Yes, the sunshine was very hot, a perfect time for lomo-ing!

Credits: spidey27

After we got tired playing on the beach whole day, we ate our dinner quickly. Thank God, the place is seafood heaven! It’s easy to find fresh and cheap seafood there. So after that, we went looking for dessert! Here’s the famous ‘es podeng’, our favorite!

Credits: spidey27

At night, after we got full with our dinner and dessert, we went to a small bar on the side of beach, singing together, drinking beer, playing cards, laying on the sand (surprisingly, it’s softer than our beds!) under the starry sky and chatting about everything we would like to share. We also set the bonfire to complete our quality time.

Credits: spidey27

We just didn’t want to go home yet, but we were penniless, so we said goodbye to Pangandaran Beach! Thank you for the great memories!

Credits: spidey27

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    keren vin! fotonya mantap! :D

  2. bayuprihantoro
    bayuprihantoro ·


  3. spidey27
    spidey27 ·

    @adi_totp terima kasih guru!! makany yuuu qta brangkat papandayan, smoga cpt beres urusannya.. ;p

  4. spidey27
    spidey27 ·

    @bayuprihantoro thx bro! :)

  5. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    pangandaran rules! \m/

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