Our lost hound was found!


Recap of our Lomodog Treasure hunt back in December

It was Sunday
It was cold
I think it was raining a little
Our long-lost-lomodog was found, the smelly hound, chilling next door at Beyond The Valley
Prizes were won, people had fun, and I think we should organise another one!

Check out our in-house treasure hunt pirate Lucy telling people what to do!

The Mission:
Shoot a Mini Lomo Dog in certain situations such as: “Lomodog Loves To Smell” or “Lomodog Sleeps Anywhere”

The Teams:
Diana+ Team
Black Jack Team
Snow Cat Team
Hong Meow Team

The Winners and the Prizes:

Special Mention to the Black Jack Team who actually took the dog back to the store when they really didn’t need to:

written by adamscott on 2010-01-17 #news #workshops #analogue-love #lomography-gallery-store-london #lomodog


  1. heyhussain
    heyhussain ·

    Do this again! was great fun

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Congrats ! I looked for the dog all around Québec city before realizing I was not in the right city. And it was cold.

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