Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO 35 mm – Works for me!

2013-06-23 1

I used to think that color negative films makes your life boring and uninspiring. In some cases they really do that, but with Lomography CN100, negative life gets much more enjoyable!

Credits: jutei

Few years ago go, I only bought cheap films from big markets, just because they were cheap. I got used to bland colors and lots of grain. I really wasn’t happy with my pictures and started shoot more black & white. Then I ordered Diana Mini, and decided to take some Lomography Color Negative to start with. I was prepared to get same uninteresting photos, but what I got was my new favourite color negative film! After this film I actually have been shooting more color films than black & white. One could say that this film saved color photography for me!

I don’t know why, but the Diana Mini and this film seems to be perfect match. On a sunny summer day, I can’t think of better color negative film for Diana Mini than this. Mini with this film can handle any condition from shadows to full sun. Colors are great and the grain is fine and small. Results are great also at night, when colors seems to get richer! Being ISO100, this film is suited very well for double exposures. Rich colors really make your doubles look good and interesting.

In a few rare occasions, this film gives me weird colors with my Tetenal C41-kit + Epson V370 combo. But that only makes this film better, I like surprises!

Credits: jutei

I recommend this film for sunny days use, doubles or for some night time fun. This seems to be made for Diana Mini, but I’m sure every camera will make a great combo with this film!

Credits: jutei

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