Dad and I: The Father, the Daughter, and the Camera

2013-06-15 1

Have you ever imagined sharing a same camera with your father? Here is the tale of us and the old camera — a Ricoh.

The family photo wall on my bedroom’s door. You can spot my dad on it!

My dad might not be a genius, but surely we do share a lot of common hobbies.

A few months earlier, I brought my Holga 135BC from the internet but my parents didn’t know about it. Occasionally, I chatted with my mum about film cameras, and all in a sudden she asked me, “Why don’t you take a look at your dad’s old camera?”

Huh? Dad’s camera? I did know that he owns a film camera, but the last time I had seen it was a long while ago – on the graduation ceremony of my kindergarten.

Now, I am one of the seniors in my secondary school.

Dad showed me his camera quite happily. He told me about how to use the camera (although he nearly forgot how to open the back lid) and most importantly, the story of it. My parents had traveled around the world before I was born and he always brought this old camera that he had bought in the early 1980s (in which he forgot the exact date). But, after I was born, he has chosen to carry me around instead of his camera. My mum started to take over the job of taking photos since then.

I hope his camera didn’t hate me.

It is a surprise that my dad, who won’t spend money easily, was willing to deposit such a great sum of cash on photography – he told me that he brought the lens at somewhere in Middle East when traveling. Believe me — their prices are far away from being described as “cheap.”

Here is the camera!

After some practice I brought the Ricoh to the trip to Budapest and Prague. Both cities are amazing and I took some nice pictures. I love the particles and the mood very much. The camera doesn’t create dark corners like a Holga does, still it creates some other fantastic feelings!

Although Dad’s visionary has been worsened in these few decades and it is hard for him to look through the viewfinder clearly, he still took a photo with the old camera:

Sadly, the shutter was occasionally disfunctioned during the trip, and I blamed it on the cold weather. But, a few months later, it broke and the film couldn’t be loaded. Now, I am saving for repairing it. Hope it will turn well and function again.

Finally, let’s look at some of the photos that my dad took ages ago with his old Ricoh!

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  1. bayuprihantoro
    bayuprihantoro ·

    wonderful stories! and your father surely was a great photographer. just love all the shots.

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