Kuopio capital of orthodox Finland.

Kuopio-Seaport in Finland, on lake Kallavesi (фин. Kallavesi, in system of lakes Saimaas). A province Administrative centre northern Savo. The eighth on size a city of Finland, the population of 91,0 thousand inhabitants (2007). The centre деревообрабатывающей the industries: are developed chemical, machine-building, the food-processing industry.
Kuopio today – the important city in a cultural life of the country, known for dancing and musical events; the centre of tourism and winter kinds of sports.

Kuopio has been based in 1775. In 1856 building of the Saimaa channel that was an important point in development of Kuopio has been finished the channel has provided a waterway with an exit to gulf of Finland of Baltic sea. In 1889 the branch line has been laid. The convenient transport message has quickly enough transformed Kuopio into a brisk trading city. Kuopio the region of country rest second for popularity in the country.

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