Mix It Up with Color(ful Flash Gels)

2013-06-14 1

Most of us are familiar with using colored gels when using the flash on our trusty Lomo cameras, but why stop at just one color? This tipster will help you mix it up a little to achieve fun and vibrant results that will be different with every frame.

What you’ll need:
  • A camera of your choice
  • Flash
  • Colored flash gels
  • A large, plain white surface (I used a plain poster board)
  • Roll of film

1. Set up the poster board to rest up against a wall so that you can easily photograph it
2. Select any color gel and place it on the flash all the way, or even half-way (pictured below)

3. Take a picture of the white board with the flash on, so that the color will be picked up. Be sure to only capture the board on the frame to avoid having bit of the background being included in the pictures
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the roll is complete. Switch up the color gels for each frame.
5. Rewind the film, making sure to not go too far so that a little bit of the leader is still sticking out of the canister
6. Reload the film into the camera
7. Snap, snap, snap away until the roll is used up and take to the lab to get it developed (or do it at home if you have the chemicals for it)
8. Be amazed by multicolored and radiant results!

Note: For a bit of more fun, try using two different color gels at the same time by placing them on the flash together like this:

Here are some examples of how my pictures turned out with this technique

Don’t be afraid to even mix up your cameras with this. For example, I used the color flash gels on my Diana Mini with the attached Dianna F+ Flash, and then switched the roll to one of my other cameras. Try different film/camera combinations for endless possibilities.

Hope you guys have fun with this! :)

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