How to Take Close-Up Shots With Your Lubitel 166+ That are IN FOCUS!


As great as the Lubitel 166+ is, there is one major disadvantage: the minimum focusing distance. While 80cm is close enough at most occasions, sometimes I would like to get closer. The easy solution to this is using close up filters, but most people who use use them end up guessing the correct focusing distance. From now on, you no longer have to guesstimate, but you can actually focus your image using your viewing lens! Read on and find out how.

Credits: sandravo

If you take a stroll through my recently uploaded photos, you’ll notice that most are taken with the Lubitel 166+. This beauty is without a doubt my favorite camera! And even though I love and adore it, there’s a few things missing to make it the greatest camera ever. Not too long ago I showed you how you could make a splitzer for the Lubitel 166+. And in this tipster I’ll give you an easy solution on how to make focussed close up shots with this camera.

The key to making close up shots, when your camera has a fixed lens, are diopter filters or close up filters. The good thing about the Lubitel 166+ is that both the viewing lens and the taking lens have threaded fronts. So in theory, you could just screw the same diopter filter into both and you would be set to go. If life were only that easy… After a long and extensive search looking for filters that would fit the top lens, I simply had to admit there are certain things that cannot be bought online! That was an unfortunate first! But a true DIY-er never gives up…

Credits: sandravo

So I started looking at rings and filters that were available with a 26mm diameter, the size needed for the viewing/focusing lens. The only thing I could find was a 26-30mm step-up ring. Since I already had a set of 37mm close-up filters for my LC-A+, I decided I would go for a 26-30mm step-up + 30-37mm step-up + 37mm filter combination for the top lens.

Finding filters for the bottom/taking lens, is a lot easier. Sets with 40,5mm close up filters are cheaply and freely available. Since I had to use 2 step-up ring on the top lens, the filter was moved further forward compared to the bottom filters, which screwed straight into the camera. To correct for this difference I used what may look like an odd combination: 40,5-37 step-down + 37-40,5 step-up + 40,5 filter. This way both the top and bottom combination are closely as they could be.

If you screw all the bits and pieces nicely together you’ll end up with a camera that lets you get really close to your subject AND lets you focus using the bright split focus screen! So no more guesstimating the distance but actually focus!

Credits: sandravo

The one thing you have to keep in mind is, that since you will be getting really close to your subject, there will be a greater parallax. Also, as long as you are indoors working in controlled conditions, this is easy as pie. But if you are heading outside, you better be very patient and hope for a wind-free day! Other than that, let the close up fun begin ;-)

Credits: sandravo

In my lomohome you can find the rest of the indoor and outdoor close up pictures.

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  2. sandravo
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    Thanks @Stouf ! Glad you like, hope you'll try it... and share your results ;-)

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    @mafiosa, @sobetion, @atria007, @ug_a, @alexyz, @brommi, @gauthierdumonde, @jackpumpkinhead, @avola, @clickiemcpete, @grazie Thanks again for all your likes, comments and questions on my Lubitel close up shots. Here's how I pulled it off. Hope you enjoy the read and all give a try yourselves ;-)

  4. sandravo
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    @cryboy Here you go my friend! My solution for making great Lubitel close up pics! :-)

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    love it! I'll have to see what the 166B is like.

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    can I use bigger filters? maybe 52mm... it's too big right? I have a couple of CU filters for my Canon AE-1.. anyway thanks for the tipster! great shots!! :D

  7. sandravo
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    @jackpumpkinhead Unfortunately all the Lubitels are different. My old Lubitel 2 for example needs push on filters, which of course are no longer to be found... Anywhere! Don't know about the 166B viewing lens, but the taking lens appears to have a 40,5mm thread. Based on some rather blurry google results, I think you may be in luck ;-)

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    Great results!!

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    great my friend! Sincerely I didn't understood that you put filters (and step-up ring and so on) on the top lens ... ah ah ! Now I know all! Great great!

  10. sandravo
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    @adi_totp If you look at the Lubitel with all the filters attached you'll see there is hardly any space between them. If you want to mount lenses on the top as well as the bottom, you'll have to stick to the 40.5mm I'm afraid. If you only want to put filters on the bottom, you could use bigger sizes, but then you can't focus anymore as your lenses will be out of sync.

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    wowwwhoooooo impresive!!!!

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    You are so awesome to share this! Thank you!

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    @blueskyandhardrock You are welcome! After those two great tipster of yours I successfully used, C41 developing and printed texture masks, I'm glad I can do something for you now ;-)

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    Thanks @atria007 @mafiossa and @cryboy for all the nice comments !

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    @sandravo I'm happy those helped you out! I'm so busy right now to do any research at all so this tip you just shared is just so fantastic and very detailed! xo

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    Ingenious! Thanks for sharing! :D

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    Thanks guys! You should give it a try and show of the results ;-) @sobetion and @lostlittlekid

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    Excellent tipster! I'll def give this a try!

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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Great article

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    ohh this is great!! I already use close up lens, but the focusing was a huge trouble!!! thanks for sharing!

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    great tipster! really worth reading and again i'm missing a bookmark feature to keep this one in mind. one of these ideas you want to try yourself better sooner than later.

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    Thanks guys @ohlordy, @michaelfr, @ropi, @sibu_sen, @guitarleo! @bloomchen I totally agree with you there should be an option to bookmark articles within the site! The best solution I have found so far is save to bookmark in safari to a lomo articles folder.

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