Canon T50: Don't Think, Just Shoot!


I was a bit disappointed when I got this camera; it is almost fully automatic. Focusing and pressing the shutter button are the only things you have to do. After I loaded the first roll my mind has changed. The Canon T50 is a superb camera! Continue reading if you want to know why.

Credits: -bas-

In 1983, Canon designed the T50, the first camera of the T-series. This SLR is produced for the beginning photographer that doesn’t want the hassle of many possible settings. This camera only has two settings, Program and Self.

Credits: -bas-

Aperture, shutter speed, and advancing to the next frame? This camera does everything for you. You only have to set the ISO setting and look for the green P in the viewfinder. If you press the shutter button halfway you will notice a green P. If this P if flickering very fast than your subject is way too dark. A slowly flickering P means the shutter speed is slow, so grab yourself a tripod. If the P isn’t flickering than everything is normal and you can shoot.

To set the ISO of your film you have turn a ring around the rewind crank. Don’t worry: there is a safety lock, so your ISO 100 film won’t be exposed at ISO 1600.

Credits: -bas-

After the first few photos, I got the hang of it. More and more often I heard the sound of the auto winder happily advancing the film one frame. One of the nice things about this camera is that you don’t have to worry while shooting as long as your ISO is set correct and you keep watching the green P.

Credits: -bas-

After half a roll, I was up for more adventure. Let’s make a double exposure! This proved quite a bit of a hassle, because of the auto winder that advances your film directly after you have taken a photo. To make a double I had to hold the rewind button, hold the rewind crank back and press the shutter button simultaneously, but I did it!

Yay, Multiple exposure!

The Canon T50 is a great camera if you just want to take photos without having to think about shutter speeds and apertures or to lend out to a friend that is not familiar with advanced photography.

Don’t think – Just shoot? You can with the T50!

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  1. haniac
    haniac ·

    Love all the photos! Which film did you use?

  2. lokified
    lokified ·

    I just got a Canon T80, which is a similar model!

  3. -bas-
    -bas- ·

    I used Hema 200 film. Hema is a kind of superstore over here in the Netherlands.
    I really like it because it is super cheap!

  4. -bas-
    -bas- ·

    Nice! Does the T80 have more settings?

  5. lokified
    lokified ·

    @-bas- I just checked and it seems I have a T50 as well! Oops.
    A quick Google search shows the T80 has a scary-looking autofocus lens:…

  6. -bas-
    -bas- ·

    Wow, that lens really looks horrible and fat!

  7. izzatfansuri
    izzatfansuri ·

    If only i have enough guts to make double exposure using T50.. :')

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