Curious Objects: Curios Shops in Paris (Part Two)


Tienda Esquipulas is a shop where you can find all sorts of popular art and religious objects. It was created with the intent to become an ethnic market in Paris with colorful craft and folk art from Guatemala, Mexico and Latin America.

In Spanish, Tienda means small store, small shop, grocery store, and that word is always accompanied by the name attributed to him. Esquipulas, the name of this little shop, is a city of Guatemala famous for its statue of the Black Christ considered miraculous for its color. It is the main place of Christian pilgrimage in Central America, and also the place where the agreements were signed in 1987 for initiating the peace process in Central America.

The name was chosen because the tiendas surrounding the Basilica of Esquipulas is a wealth of authentic religious crafts: candles, votive candles, prints, escapulaires and much more. It’s a very colourful shop and it’s very nice to discover all sort of things from saint images to spells to bring back a lover!

So grab your favourite lomo camera and take yourself on an adventure into the unusual shops of the 18th arrondissement in Paris!

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