Skate Season: Training and Inspiration


C’mon, everybody loves skating. Who never saw somebody on these woodboards rolling fast on every kind of object they find on their way? Everytime I see somebody on their skate i feel like i want to try too, but umm, I don’t think i’m good enough!

I’m rarely able to look at people skating here where i live because there are no skating parks or obstacles that are good enough to skate around in, living in a historic Italian city.

But, I often find myself tripping around to reach my girlfriend. One day, I was lucky because there was a little party in the town’s garden where there’s a little skate park and yes, there were people skating all around!

I love watching at skate videos (who doesn’t?) but being in a skate park is useless if you simply stand apart from the action, so I decided to sit at the edge of it and took off my camera and loaded it with Lomography Redcale XR 50-200 to shoot some amazing pictures of skaters, and also of people sitting around.

My favourite lens is the 50mm on my SLR because it’s perfect for street photography and shooting details too.

I also took with me my dear Lomograhy Spinner 360 and loaded it with normal colour negative film and hand-spinned it because the sun was setting and getting dark.

That day was really exciting and inspiring, and the shots I took look really good, but how could you end a day as good as that without some exquisite pancakes?

Trust me, they were really yummy and tasty!

The Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 35mm gives you full control over your redscale images. With its extended ISO range, you can pick an effect that you want and set the ISO accordingly. Your images will exude a lovely retro feel. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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