Curious Objects: Curios Shops in Paris (Part One)


Paris is a place full of surprises, especially if you’re looking for unexpected things or objects. A curio is by definition “a curious or unusual object of art or piece of bric-a-brac.” A curio shop then is by extension, a shop that sells these curios.

If you’re looking for those places in Paris to buy gifts for friends and family or even just to browse around and take some snap shots, you should definitely start your search in the 18th arrondissement. With its narrow streets and romantic alleys full of all sorts of little shops – from trendy brands to traditional souvenirs shops around the Sacré Coeur – this famous and very touristic area of Paris offers a variety of “insolite” shops.

Old plastic dolls, sardine cans, old photographs, earrings, bracelets, “flacons” de perfume, etc. That’s what you will find at the shop Tombées du camion (“Fallen from the truck” literally). At first, look you might just ask yourself, “why sell these ‘old’, vintage objects?” For the sake of nostalgic objects, curios have always been always been a success in between collectors from all sorts.

The retro look of the shop is already something else — so if you’re looking for an alternative gift shop, far more peculiar than any other shop you expected to find near Montmartre or simply a different shop with an eccentric look, that’s the place for you.

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