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You know what they say about spending time with yourself: being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely. And for this week’s Log Book, take a peek at some of the sites where our fellow Lomographers go on solo adventures!

Credits: amytam

SoLocations: Solo Walk at St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery by amytam

“I drive pass the St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery on my way to work everyday, and I’ve always been curious about this old cemetery, where giant white crosses line the outside. One day, I finally decided to stop and take a look and I’m so glad that I did!”

Credits: gatokinetik-o

SoLocations: The Abandoned Rancagua's Railway Station by gatokinetik-o

“The abandoned railway station is located in the west side of the historical downtown of Rancagua. Like all the railways in Chile, it is a part of the development of the country, and in this case, of the minery, one of the most important natural resources in Chile.”

Credits: yopanic

SoLocations: Solo Venice by yopanic

“What’s extraordinary about Venice is that you cannot really say “Oh I know Venice!”. Even people who live in Venice for two, three or four years, cannot really say to know this town; the truth is that you continue discovering new places and spots, even though is a little town on an island.”

Credits: litumai

SoLocations: My Favorite Place in Lima, Peru by litumai

“Whether it’s going to the local bakery to have a great dessert, a nice cold beer at your favorite bar, a great massage, or simply going out for a walk through your favorite park, it’s YOUR time. Mine is in Miraflores, a specific point in a park that sits over the coast of Lima.”

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