Supersampler: The Best Thing About Having Four Eyes

2013-06-21 1

This is the very first camera I used when I got into Lomography. It was love at first sight, quadrupled! I have taken advantage of this camera for nearly five years. Let’s see what this beautiful multilens camera can do.

It’s said that the first impression is what counts, but the first impression you get when you see it after opening that awesome box makes you really wonder if you were right… the answer after two or three films will definitely be: yes!

Let’s start with the basics: shutter speed and lens focus. At the Supersampler Microsite they show us it has two speeds:

  • 4 pictures in 2 seconds.
  • 4 pictures in 0.2 seconds, I recommend you to use this speed. You will be able to play more with movement.

Regarding focus: 0.3 meters to infinity. Lenses are 20mm so you will be able to take self-portraits!

My first steps with this camera had this kind of results:

Credits: le_ors

You have to bear a few things in mind: You have to get close to the subject (same as the 5th golden rule), leave your fear behind and move the camera, take risks, look at what you want to capture, make the most of it, and take in to account you don’t have much time to react. When I last got my own Supersampler, I got more confident and you can see the outcome bellow:

Credits: le_ors

Then I decided to try monochrome films, redscale and black and white… my favorite was the redscale, black and white always come out more serious, with a touch of conceptual style and that doesn’t always work. Judge for yourselves …

Redscale in rainy days.
Black and white with low light or shooting landscapes.

One of the advantages of its four lenses arranged in linear fashion is that you have the chance to take pictures that give the same feeling as panoramas, either vertically or horizontally.

I prefer to shoot vertically.

The Supersampler is my favorite multi-lens camera, so I don’t have to think much. Every time I want to document something, I take it with me… that was how I took pictures of the HolySexyBastards, the making of bellow:

If you want to see what this project is bout, click here

Do you remember what I said about self portraits? Let’s see…

Credits: le_ors

Many times the perfect photo scene is in front of your eyes, you get the camera out as fast as you can and …

Credits: le_ors

When you think you cannot be more happy with a multi-lens camera… it’s time to combine it with any other camera you got, take doubles!

Credits: le_ors

There is still much to do do with my Supersampler, it’s my loyal companion, as versatile as I want.

Do not leave it at home and enjoy it! quadruple your fun!

Lomo on!

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