Fun Under the Sun: Go to a Music Festival

Each year I can't wait for the summer to begin because I know summer is a time of the year for music festivals. And I love music festivals.

I try to go to a couple of them each summer. Some local ones and one or two foreign ones -- that depends on the financial situation. But some financial problems don't stop me; I rather not eat much in festivals then to miss them all together. They're just so much fun especially if you're a music lover like I am. I get so excited in late winter when first line ups start to appear, it's like winning the lotto when you see your favourite music groups or singers announced for your precious festival.

There are still some things you should consider before going to a festival.

Choose wisely.

It's good to choose by your music preference or you'll get annoyed listening to music for days you don't like that much. I also choose a festival by a city because next to festival I also like to explore the surroundings and seeing a nice new city is always a pleasure.

Wear comfortable shoes.

I don't know how come but each festival I visit there seem to be some rain. But I still wear my all stars every single time.

Bring your friends.

The more the merrier. Having fun is so much better with your favourite people around.

Plan ahead.

If you're going to a really big festival decide before you go which bands you really wanna see so you'l have enough time to move between stages. But even if you don't there are always some bands that will totally surprise you.

Have fun!

That's an easy one so don't forget it!

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