Summer Hot Spots: Hengchun/Kenting, Taiwan


This spring/summer we had an awesome time at the beach concert in Hengchun/Kenting.

This spring/summer a friend and I visited the sleepy town of Hengchun, a place that shot to fame a couple of years ago when it became the backdrop of the hot-selling Taiwanese movie, Cape No. 7. Our main objective was to attend the yearly concert, which was usually held at the beach, but for this year would be held at Hengchun Airport.

Before the concert, we had some time so we wandered around town. Near a temple and park with a lookout deep into the street, we found a small alley, with one of the shop/housefront’s shutters painted with a unique bench painting. It’s really cute, because if you bend your knees a little it gives the illusion that you’re sitting on the bench waiting. At my suggestion, my friend gamely poses for a photo.

Hengchun makes for a wonderful summer break location because it’s just a 5-10 minute bus ride away from the awesome Kenting Beach, which is where one can engage in all kinds of sea sports ranging from banana boating to surfing.

In addition to this, Kenting is also home to the lovely Erluanbi Park, which is a perfect spot for one to do some hiking, attend the Spring scream concert, or have a picnic and enjoy the sunset. We spent a leisurely afternoon at Erluanbi Park with some snacks and parked ourselves at a trail off the edge of the park near the ocean, where we had a nice chat and picnic.

Time was up, so we headed for the concert/music festival. It cost us about S$50, and lasted about 6 hours ending about 11pm. The line-up included (in order of appearance): Joanna Wang, Olivia Ong, Zhang zhen Yue, Cheer Chen and Soda Green. Some local bands took the stage earlier in the afternoon but we hadn’t heard of them before and thus weren’t keen to attend.

Concert Venue was Hengchun Airport, which was slightly disappointing as we hoped it would be held nearer to the beach. Logistically, they seemed to have prepared for it well — having free shuttle services for ticket holders from Kenting MainSstreet to the concert grounds. Grounds were quite wide, quality of sound from the speakers were quite alright. Food was available (many stalls) but was pricier and there wasn’t much choice for concert-goers as outside food wasn’t allowed.

The concept of having a group of mega stars who all can perform live get together on the same stage and do 1-hour segments each is a great idea. Although, to keep the fans waiting in between and to piss off some of the artistes such that they would leave early — Zhang seemed to have been pushed ahead of his original assigned performance timing, and seemed miffed and ended early, performing only a 45 minute set — was not impressive at all.

Still overall, I would say the concert is worth attending and definitely worth the price tag, and Hengchun is a lovely place near the seaside to spend your summer chilling.

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