I Know What You Did Last Summer (With a Supersampler)


Last August ,I decided to try the Supersampler, I had always thought it would be a fun camera that would be funny to use during sunny days. Almost a year later, I have developed the film and here are the results…

Credits: carmengraphy

The Supersampler is a very user-friendly camera. It has no viewer but you won’t really need it. You only have to load your camera with your favourite 35 mm film, pull the ripcord, and shoot. Bear in mind to pull the ripcord gently (more than a few have taken it apart by pulling too hard…)…

I used a Werlisa DXN 100 ISO 100 film with 24 exposures. Colors have turned out beautifully, really saturated.

Credits: carmengraphy

I’m quite happy with the outcome, it’s certainly a camera that meets Lomography’s Golden Rule #6 Don't think (and have fun).

Credits: carmengraphy

See you!

written by carmengraphy on 2013-06-19 #gear #summer #review #analogue #sunny #life #beach #supersampler #multilenses
translated by ladyfromthepast

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