Exploring Edinburgh and the Scottish Culture!


On my trip to Edinburgh last year, I saw and captured so many things — there’s just a lot to explore there!

When I went to Edinburgh last year and stayed there for a week, I was really keen on it: a great city full of sighs and lomo-motives you shouldn’t miss. In fact, the first thing that will attract your attention is the beautiful architecture — on the one side, there are the medieval buildings in “Old Town”, and on the other side, the contemporary structures of " New Town".

The “Royal Mile” with the impressive Edinburgh Castle is located in the middle of the city and connects the two parts of Edinburgh.

Worth seeing is also Princess Street, the most popular shopping street in Edinburgh. She lies beneath the castle and is linked with “Old Town” through the Playfair Steps, which you just should climb up one time.

Another great designation is Arthur’s Seat, the local mountain of Edinburgh, which will give a fantastic view on the town. You should also visit the monument of Bobby, a dog who has a very special story: he stayed supposedly for years at the grave of his former owner and became famous through his unswerving loyalty to his owner.

When you stroll through Edinburgh, you should pay attention to little details: for example, this little alley which is a nice place to shoot and shows the entirety of Edinburgh. Also a nice spot is this winding street oozing with its own charm.

And sometimes you will see Scots and the typical kilt or a red phone box, and even three behind one another like on the second picture!

I just recommend visiting Edinburgh and exploring it with your Lomo cameras, because there’s so much to see!

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