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The Olympus OM-1 is the first model in the Olympus OM line of 35mm film SLRs. It was launched in 1972 by Olympus. While Olympus entered the 35mm SLR market relatively late with the Olympus OM-1 (Nikon had already released Nikon F thirteen years earlier), it paved the way for the trend of lighter and less bulky SLRs.

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Earlier bodies were initially labelled with the camera’s original name: M-1 — although after Leica complained about the name (they had a line of rangefinders known as the M Series), Olympus renamed it as the OM-1.

The OM-1 is an all-mechanical SLR. It has a very large viewfinder with interchangeable screens but a fixed prism. It also has a through-the-lens exposure meter controlling a needle visible in the viewfinder. It has a very compact body, whose form was retained in later models.

Technical Specifications:

  • Camera type: 35mm focal-plane shutter TTL SLR camera
  • Picture size: 24 × 36mm
  • Lens mount: Olympus OM mount
  • Shutter: Horizontal-travel focal-plane shutter
  • Shutter speeds: B, 1 – 1/1000 sec.
  • Exposure: Manual
  • Focus: Manual focus
  • Flash: Hot shoe
  • Viewfinder: Fixed pentaprism finder
  • Metering: Center-weighted light metering
  • Film speed range: ASA 25 to 1600
  • Film winding: Film wind lever on camera top
  • Rewinding: Collapsible rewind crank on camera top
  • Dimensions: 136 × 83 × 86mm
  • Weight: 510 g
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Visit Wikipedia, Camerapedia, mediajoy.com, and mir.com.my for more information.

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  1. lokified
    lokified ·

    The OM-1 was my first ever film SLR and it's spoiled me for others!

  2. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    A masterpiece!

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