Summer Photography: De-Colorize the Summer!

2013-06-11 4

It’s summer now! Summer is all about blue sky, white clouds, colorful bikinis, tan skin, and wonderful colors. But how about we de-colorize all of this?

Credits: guitarleo

The sun is hot and bright during summer. It’s good for Lomographers to capture a lot of wonderful photos. The most popular photos amongst Lomographers are blue skies with white clouds. Everybody just loves the combination, and I am one of them. But sometimes, I would like to de-colorize it. So, black and white film and Redscale film are my choice to achieve this.

Lomography Redscale 100 and Redscale XR could turn everything into red. The blue sky, blue sea, green trees, white sand, all those wonderful colors, turned into red, white and black. The outcome was great while shooting under the hot sun. Especially when the sky is in red color, the view is unique.

Credits: guitarleo

The other way to de-colorize photos is by shooting in black and white. When you shoot in B&W, the blue sky will show in grey, maybe a very light grey. But the other objects become more obvious and sharp. The light grey sky becomes a very good background for other objects.

Credits: guitarleo

Summer is all about sunshine with color. We see all the colors with our eyes. But we can give the summer another view with redscale and B&W. We could have a different summer in the photos.

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  1. analogisodd
    analogisodd ·

    I agree! I am planning on a lot of red scale for the summer!

  2. roboticoffee
    roboticoffee ·

    Wonderful article! Summertime is great for getting rolls and rolls of wonderfully high contrast monochromatic photos.

  3. guitarleo
    guitarleo ·

    @analogisodd but not much red scale now, unless DIY.....

  4. guitarleo
    guitarleo ·

    @roboticoffee definitely

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