Camera Collections: Lomographer diana3009's Bellows & Balgens

2013-06-08 8

She’s one of the pretty faces always featured in @earlybird's infamous images, but did you know that community member @diana3009 from Germany is also a talented young film photographer and collector? She shows us her growing garden of vintage cameras in this week’s Camera Collections!

Photo by diana3009

Hi, Diana a.k.a. diana3009! How did you start collecting film gear?
I love to have enough film at home so I can shoot whenever I want but I don’t call myself a film collector. But I am interested in collecting old cameras. After the death of my beloved grandpa, I found his old Agfa Isolette II and I fell in love with those analogue beauties. Since then, I go to nearly every flea market in my area and buy almost every camera I can get. In my collection are now 82 different cameras, especially medium format bellow cameras, as well as various Polaroid and 35mm cameras.

Photo by diana3009

Can you itemize every camera, accessory, and film you own?
It’s not easy to remember every single camera I own when I am on camera shopping tour, but it only happened once that I came home and had to double check if I have bought one twice. Here is a list with all my cameras, please have a look.

Photo by diana3009

Do you like to use your them or admire them from the shelf?
Yes, I use them. I have tested all of my cameras where the film is still available because it is very important for me that they are in working condition. For daily use, I have my favorites like my Rolleicord or my Canon AE-1 Program. But sometimes it is fun to take one of the older bellow cameras and give them a chance to show what they can do. But they look good on the shelf also, and sometimes it seems like I live in a camera museum. And I love it :)

Photo by diana3009

Will you ever part with your collection?
I want to sell some of my 35mm and SLR cameras because I do not use them so often and my interest now is on bellow cameras. From that money, I will look for some special items and good looking cameras for my collection.

Photo by diana3009

Is your collection complete or is there still that “Holy Grail” piece you’re looking for?
My collection will be never complete! I am still addicted to bellow cameras and there are enough to buy that I don’t own yet. So I keep my eyes open and I hope to catch the next one on the next flea market or however it will find its way to me and my camera family. I want to own a Hasselblad one day or a large format camera for making wet plate photography which is a unique way to create photos in a special way.

Photo by diana3009

Fast Camera Collection Facts:

Number of cameras? 82 analogue cameras (Check out the full list of Diana’s instant, bellow, box, pocket, SLR, etc. cameras here)
Number of accessories? 5 flash lights, 3 softboxes, 1 tripod, 17 objectives
Number of films: 23 × 35mm, 41 × 120mm, 6 x SX-70 instant film
Number of years collecting: 2 years
Biggest buy/most expensive item? My Rolleicord
Sweetest steal/cheapest scored item? I got my second Canon AE-1 program for free!!!
Most prized possessions/favourites from the collection? My Rolleicord and all my Balgen cameras
Amount of money spent? Too much :)

Credits: diana3009

Thanks for showing us your Camera Collection, @diana3009!

Care to share your camera collection? E-mail with the contents of your camera shelf, film fridge, and what not, and you could be our next featured film photographer!

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    I call here Princess Bellow :) nice collection @ diana3009

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    sieht sehr hübsch aus um den Gartenteich!! ...aber auch ein bisschen gewagt :)

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    Amazing stuff!

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    That is an impressive collection!

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    wooow!! gorgeous collection @diana3009 !!!!

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