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2013-07-03 11

36. That’s not the number of exposures UK community member @-walsh- has in his film roll. That’s the number of LC-A editions he owns—and those are just the LC-As! From the original ЛОМО́ to the Lomography LC-A+, drool at all his lovely lomo cameras in this edition of Camera Collections!

Hi, Scott a.k.a. -walsh-! How did you start collecting film gear?

It all started when I bought an original LC-A. I decided I wanted all the variants that ЛОМО́ produced and it sort of went from there to other cameras. I’ve been collecting since around 2000 when I ditched digital for pretty much all of my photography in favour of film.

Can you itemize every camera, accessory, and film you own?

Yep, I can. In fact, I do a check every few weeks to see how much the collection has grown! I’ve got a few specials I’m proud of, particularly my Lomo LC-M which took me ages to get hold of! The collection of LC-A’s seem to get a new addition every few months, right now I have 36!

Do you like to use your them or admire them from the shelf?

I try to use all of them if I can. Obviously I have my favourites which I use regularly but they all get a run now and again.

Will you ever part with your collection?

Nope, never. I’ve spent to much and had to much fun acquiring it all!

Is your collection complete or is there still that “Holy Grail” piece you’re looking for?

Nope, collection isn’t complete. I’d like to get a Hasselblad sometime, but the holy grail for me would be to get the Smena 18 which is a simplified version of the LC-A. Only a handful were ever made.

Credits: -walsh-

Fast Camera Collection Facts

Number of cameras? 94
Number of accessories? Not including lenses, 38
Number of films? Around 200+ ranging from 110 up to 120
Number of years collecting? 13
Biggest buy/most expensive item? Most expensive was my Leica III F and lenses
Sweetest steal/cheapest scored items? Best score was 20 rolls of cold stored Aagfa APX 400 for £5.00
Most prized possessions/favourites from the collection? Lomo LC-M, Voigtlander Bessa R and Kiev 60
Amount of money spent? I dread to think. Far too much!

Credits: -walsh-

Thanks for showing us your Camera Collection, -walsh-!

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    ouch that is amazing you have numbers of LC- series.

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    wow !

  3. olutek
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    Heaven ;_;

  4. laurenpeppiatt
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    my jaw is on the floor right now!

  5. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @istionojr @castiana @olutek @laurenpeppiatt Check out more articles featuring impressive Camera Collections!…

  6. japsix
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    @-walsh- great collection!!!

  7. acidsaturation
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    Only 96? I must be on about 150 by now... :P

  8. photobarbie
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    Great collection! I am jealous of your fridge!

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    Fisheye One Black and res (?) :O!

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    Collector Grandioso!

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