Throwback Thursday: Kodachrome Test Footage from 1922

2013-06-06 2

This week’s throwback is a bewitching four-and-a-half minute, full-color motion picture clip taken in 1922 by Kodak using their early version of the Kodachrome film.

“This clip is a very early, full-color Kodachrome film made by Kodak in 1922 to test new film stock and color processing. It is a lovely little four-and-a-half minutes of pretty actresses gesturing for the camera. The color and lighting are exquisite—all warm reds with flattering highlights—making it a purely enjoyable thing to watch.” — The Vault

The first version of Kodachrome film was invented by a former portrait photographer and engineering student, John Capstaff. The color transparency was a combination of two negatives – one exposed through a red filter and another through a green filter – that were bleached then dyed (with blue-green and red-orange dye respectively) after processing creating a positive image.

Unfortunately, it was not commercially successful and it was not until 1935, that a much better, three-color version of the film was introduced.

Read more about this clip at The Vault and the history of Kodachrome film over at Wikipedia.

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Have a look at this, the earliest colour movie footage ever discovered, from 1902: The video is halfway down the page.

  2. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Why on earth did Kodak decide to pull away Kodachrome and Fuji relaunch it's Velvia film! Kodak bring Kodachrome back!

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