Most Popular LomoWalls of May 2013

2013-06-08 1

We are all designers sometimes. Looking at even the most mundane objects as works of art, checking if there is any way of improving and making them our own!

And Lomographs, they just can’t be missed! Walls and wall of film photographs designed as one beautiful masterpiece. Well, here are just some of them! Congratulations to May 2013’s most popular LomoWalls!

More Paper Negative by bkspicture
Spring Fairy by _haustor
Stop??? Why Stop??? by atria007
LomoWall #45 by emkei
Smoking by tall_bastard
LomoWall #50 by emkei
LomoWall #44 by emkei
Parque Nacional Del Teide by ryszardl70
Parque Nacional Del Teide by ryszardl70
Santa Cruz de Tenerife by ryszardl70

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