Most Popular Newcomers of May 2013

2013-06-08 6

Hundreds of Lomographers join our Community every month. Some stay and some go but all of them sure are noticed not only for their participation but for their awesome film photography work as well!

And in this recap, we give a warm welcome to May 2013’s most popular newcomers! Impressive film photographs and a Community activity that deserves recognition. Welcome and congratulations, y’all!

Credits: shariff
Credits: brahmoi
Credits: stephiestonem
Credits: kaylaa-schmidt
Credits: yerzmyey
Credits: agus77in
Credits: gruzsh
Credits: anya-barkauskas
Credits: aleksandar-vel
Credits: fe_miguinha

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  1. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Congratulations and welcome to the Community! :) @shariff, @brahmoi, @stephiestonem, @kaylaa-schmidt, @yerzmyey, @agus77in, @gruzsh, @anya-barkauskas, @aleksandar-vel, @fe_miguinha

  2. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Heh, thx a lot and greetings to all lomography fans over the world and to the Mighty Lomography Society! :) :)
    Several weeks ago I wouldn't even think that anybody's still interested in analogue photography (possibly with lo-fi hardware - but not only :) ).
    So believe me - my shock was deep&vast. ;)

  3. shariff
    shariff ·


    yay! thanks so much! it's been great fun!!!
    cheers to film photography!

  4. brahmoi
    brahmoi ·

    that was at least unexpected!! Thanks a lot!!!

  5. fe_miguinha
    fe_miguinha ·

    \o/ Thanks! !!!!! : D

  6. anya-barkauskas
    anya-barkauskas ·

    Thanks!) I`m shocked!

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