Introducing... Clara Luzia


Up and coming artist Clara Luiza spent a bit of time with us recently and we fired off a few questions so that the Lomographic community can know her a bit better. We even have 2 tickets up for grabs for her upcoming show! Interested? Read on for the details!

NAME: Clara Luzia
CITY: Vienna
COUNTRY: Austria

© sarah haas

Where does your band name come from?
It’s two of my 3 first names.

So, what’s so cool about your band?
The bandmembers are the cool thing about my band. I really love them, and enjoy being with them, and we all love to make music together.

How would you describe Clara Luzia’s musical style?
It’s indie pop – whatever that means. I love catchy, melancholic melodies, and good lyrics – maybe that’s a better description of what I/we do.

How long does the band exist and how did it even start?
I started the project in 2005. Throughout the years the bandmembers changed, though. Before “Clara Luzia” I was in a band called “Alalie Lilt” from 1999 to 2005.

What inspires you?
Life in general – as plain as it sounds. There’s so much to think about, to experience, to process – life is an infinite source of inspiration.

What is your favourite analogue camera?
I’ve been using my grandfather’s Zeiss Ikon Conflex for 20 years now, and I love it.

What do you like about analogue photography?
The fact that I don’t get to see the results instantly. That makes you choose your objects, and the timing more carefully.

What’s coming up for Clara Luzia? Where can we catch a show?
We are recording a session with the BBC6 in June – which is quite exciting for us. We also play 3 shows in the UK. And we still tour Austria this summer to promote our latest album “We Are Fish.”

What subjects are in your pictures? Which cameras did you use?
The people of my band and people we meet. “Still lifes” of life on tour.

Thanks for the interview!

director © sarah haas, editor © sara schober

Clara Luzia live in UK:

friday 28 june London / Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton, w/ she makes war & mishkin fitzgerald
saturday 29 june Bristol / in-store-gig Rise Records (3 pm)
saturday 29 june Bristol / The Exchange, w/ she makes war & jemima surrender

Are you in the general UK area, and interested in 2 tickets to her show in London? Just send an email to our UK offices and the winner will be put on the guest list of the event.

written by cruzron on 2013-06-05 #news #videos

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