Konstruktor Constructions

2013-06-15 1

What’s a Konstruktor launch going to be without an actual construction shoot? Take a peek at this gallery of buildings being worked on from the ground up and be inspired to construct your own 35mm DIY camera from scratch!

Are you the type who likes to tinker with their gadgets to know how things work? Well, the Konstruktor is perfect for you! It hosts a ton of amazing features like the ability to shoot multiple exposures, interchangeable lenses and of course – the freedom to Konstrukt your own camera! With the easy to follow instruction supplied, you’re easily on your way to building and shooting knockout Lomographic photos!

Still need a bit more DIY punch after completion of your Konstruktor? Fret not, as there are cool stickers supplied for you to customize the final look of your obra maestra camera before you unveil it to your subjects.

The Konstruktor is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself 35mm SLR camera. With it, you can easily build your very own camera from scratch. It’s the perfect tool for having fun whilst learning the exciting mechanics behind how analogue photography works. Get yours from the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores Worldwide. Find out more about the camera on the Konstruktor Site.

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  1. mypoorbrain
    mypoorbrain ·

    Lovely little camera :)

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