Skate Season: Skateboarding for Girls


Yesterday, I read this interview with Nyjah Huston where he claimed skateboarding is just not for girls. It caused quite a lot of stir and anger among female skateboarding community, but what is your opinion about it?

Do you all know Nyjah Huston? He’s an American professional street skateboarder. He’s still quite young but really talented. He’s had quite a lot of success in the X Games in the recent years and he’s got a bright future ahead of him. Wikipedia claims that as of May 2013, he has won more prize money than any other skateboarder in history. I don’t know how true that it but you get the picture what kind of skateboarder he is. I personally really like his style and laid-back personality. He always looks like he’s not afraid of trying out anything.

In this interview he stated that skateboarding is not for girls, that he went to this downhill competition and didn’t like seeing girls doing it. Of course, a lot of female longboarders online got crazy. But, I don’t think he was against girls skateboarding per se, I got the feeling he just wouldn’t like to see girls get hurt.

I personally love skateboarding, especially longboarding. I love how fun it is and how much freedom it gives you. I just love cruising around and I love my local hill where it is just steep enough to get the wind in my hair without being too dangerous. I like the fact that my friends love my longboard also and that we all are just having fun. I would love to longboard more and teach myself more tricks and more slides but everything comes at its time. People should let people do what they want; I’ll probably never be excellent at longboarding but if I’m having fun doing it, I consider myself the luckiest longboarder in the world!

Credits: lomofrue

Riding may progress but good times with good friends never get old.

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