Nighttime Cityscapes and Scenes Captured Using the Belair X 6-12 Cameras


Cities shine bright even after the sun has set, making them perfect subjects for putting those long exposure techniques to the test. Among the film cameras that you can use to snap those glowing cityscapes is none other than the Belair X 6-12! Take a look at the city snaps our fellow lomographers have taken using this medium format wonder and be inspired!

You probably already have an idea, but there’s just so many things you can try and experiment with using your Belair X 6-12 and its nifty bulb setting. Nighttime is one of the best times, while your very own city shines bright, is one of the best settings for this endeavor. Find a nice vantage point if you feel like capturing the sprawling, glittering scenery before you, or an iconic city landmark faintly lighted for a dramatic look, or even streets and roads with cars passing by for impressive outdoor light paintings!

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you to try it out for yourself without some bits of inspiration. Without further ado, may we present some nicely captured nighttime cityscapes and scenes by our fellow lomographers, taken using the Belair cameras!

Credits: mont0417, ck_berlin, davidcruzpous, dop & patx_

Did we miss any of your favorite night snaps taken using the Belair cameras? Share them with us with a comment below!

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