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Lights, camera, action! For this week’s Log Book, our fellow lomographers unleashed their inner director and gave us recommendations of places that deserve to be captured on the big screen! Check it out!

Credits: adi_totp

ReeLocations: Campuhan Hills, Ubud, Bali by adi_totp

“Why is this place perfect to shoot or maybe make a short movie? It is simply because the panorama is so beautiful; not to mention that these hills have a historical significance to the Balinese people, especially the people who live in Ubud.”

Photos by scrabbyknees

ReeLocations: Shanghai Wusongkou Paotaiwan Wetland Park by scrabbyknees

“Situated in Baosan, near where Yangtze River and Huangpu River meet, the picturesque wetland park offers visitors a nice view of the Huangpu River, save for some ships from the nearby harbour. The Wetland was named ‘Cannon Bay’ or Paotaiwan as naval cannons used to be situated within the wetland park.”

Credits: an_lai_drew

ReeLocations: Singapore's Wonderland - Gardens By The Bay by an_lai_drew

“Gardens by the Bay was added into the beautiful landscape of Marina Bay in 2012. Located behind the famous Marina Bay Sands, it is renowned with its popular Supertree structure and two eye-catching conservatories in dome shape.”

Credits: sandravo

ReeLocations: Medieval Castle Cortewalle by sandravo

“The beautiful medieval Castle of Cortewalle is the pride of our town! This moated castle (which in plain English means: surrounded by water all the way around) dates back to the 15th century. Despite its age, the beautiful white sandstone still makes this castle shine!”

Credits: sirio174

ReeLocations: Imagine an Action Movie on Como Lake! by sirio174

“Every year, Como hosts an adrenaline-pumping motorboat race, known as the “Hundred Miles Of The Lake”. Crazy speeds in a rather narrow water basin, all “spiced” by an helicopter flying few meters above the water for the television coverage. This is an ideal setting for an action movie!"

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