Summer Hot Spots: As Catedrais Beach


Summer days are about to come! Have you already chosen a destination? Well, if you haven’t because you were too busy lately, maybe you could have a look at my recommendation: the Beach of the Cathedrals! It is one of the most magnificent beaches you can find in the north coast of Spain.

Credits: marta1901

As Catedrais beach was declared a Natural Monument some years ago. Why? Well, the interesting feature of this 10km beach has to do with nature’s architecture!

Every low tide, the beach shows all its beauty. Natural arches and caves appear, and they can only be seen for some hours! From the tiniest cracks on the rocks, to the most impressive 30m tall arches, you can walk along natural corridors and see all the beauty that was created by the erosion of the waves along the centuries. Only during low tide you will gain access to the most strange and complex forms that will remind you of architectural flying buttresses!

Credits: marta1901

High tide, on the other hand, would be the perfect time to wander over the top of the cliffs that frame the beach, and of course, take some amazing panoramic pictures!

Credits: marta1901

Unfortunately, since it became more and more famous, summer time is not the best moment of the year to go if you plan to have a quiet walk or a photoshoot. But if you are also looking for some sun, then you have to deal with the crowd!

This was my favourite beach when I was a kid. I remember going there every summer and explore the hundreds of caves with my little sister. There’s no better place on earth to appeal to your imagination!

Credits: marta1901

If you are looking for a different beach-vacation spot, I promise As Catedraisis totally worth the visit!

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    Can´t wait for you and me at this magical place! <3

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