Talking Sprocket Photography with LomoAmigo Richard Tang, a 360 Photographer with Google Maps

Google has definitely become a necessity in our lives. Have a question? Google it! You can even map out your destination and know ahead of time exactly what it looks like! We put the Sprocket Rocket in the hands of Richard Tang, a Google-trusted photographer in Toronto who specializes in mapping out locations with 360 photography for businesses. Check out his impressions of this great camera and also some photos after the jump!

Hey Richard, Introduce yourself to the Lomography community!

Hello LomoFriends! Photography for me started with film and just capturing memories. It wasn’t until I got a digital camera that I really fell in love with the art. It gave me an opportunity to experiment, learn quickly through trial n’ error, and a chance to be more adventurous.

I began to build an interest in photo journalism, and through this, I began to develop a style I liked. So when I was first introduced to Lomography, I felt an instant connection with it.I loved the personal feel of the photographs, the nostalgia, and the surreal mood Lomography captures. I felt this style of photography really encompasses of how I view the world around me; a blend of dream and reality.

You’re a Google Trusted Photographer, how cool is that! Tell us a bit more about what your job entails.

Google has taken on a new project that moves Google Street View indoors and inside local businesses! You can now virtually do a 360 walk-around inside these businesses, its very cool! I contribute by photographing the 360 panoramic images of these businesses. I also help map them out on Google Maps and connect the businesses to Google Street View. My photography work requires a lot of precise technicalities, if all the components don’t piece well to one another, the 360 images don’t turn out well.

This is very different from a Lomography camera like the 360 Spinner. You don’t have to worry much about the technicalities. Just point, shoot and capture your creative vision.

Richard also shot with the Fisheye 2

Photography is obviously a big part of what you do. Have you shot or do you still shoot with film nowadays?

It been a very long time since I shot film, but I embraced the challenge of shooting it again.

Since I began the Google Business Photos Project, I haven’t had much time for my own personal or hobby photography. When I began shooting with the Fisheye and Sprocket Rocket, it definitely felt different, and very refreshing. A true sense of freedom! Anytime I get a chance to create new forms of art, I get very excited.

What was your first impression of the Sprocket Rocket and how was picking it up for the first time? – be honest!

Right away, the Sprocket Rocket caught my attention with its unique look. It has a vintage appearance with a touch of modern style. Onlookers would come up to me with questions and compliments about the camera, even an owner of a photography store asked me where I got the Sprocket Rocket from!

The first time picking it up, I loved the size and feel of it in my hands. It felt very comfortable and I loved how I could get a solid grip on the body. To me, the feel of the camera is very important, it creates that connection. I’m used to holding a lot of electronic and digital equipment, so with the Sprocket Rocket, I felt a certain purity to it… Just a camera body and film, nothing more. It’s awesome.

Describe the Sprocket Rocket in 5 words.


Do you have a favourite photo that you took? If so, which one is it and why?

The juxtaposition of the first photograph is what caught my attention to snap this photo. I got down lower so I could utilize the length of the Sprocket Rocket’s wide angle frame. I like how the attention begins at either the top or bottom and your eyes follow the path to the other side to make sense of the image. It’s a very simple photograph, the viewers get it right away, and looking at that shirt makes me smile :)

Any tips for first-time Sprocket Rocket users?

When I think panoramic cameras, I envision wide scenery type photographs. I didn’t realize how cool portrait shots can look with the Sprocket Rocket. I wish I took more photos of people. So my advice is don’t stick to one category, try experimenting with different subjects. The other tip I would say is to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. I truly believe the more risks you take, the better your photographs will turn out!

Thanks Lomography!

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Check out more about Richard below:

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