Fisheye No. 2 Puts the F in Fun!


Don’t know which of your cameras to bring out in the sun this summer? We’ll make it easy for you to decide. What begins with an F and is sure to be fun? Why, the Fisheye No. 2, of course!

Credits: peropero & bebopbebop

It doesn’t matter if you like to getting wet doing extreme sports or staying high and dry playing on land, whether you enjoy the long summer days or the short sizzling nights, the Fisheye No. 2 should be your all-weather friend this season!

See the world through 170° of fabulous Fisheye distortion with this feature-filled camera that uses any 35mm film. A built-in flash can be switched so you could have more coverage in underwater depths or even at night parties, plus you can make overlapping images using multiple exposures and try lightpainting experiments with bulb mode.

And don’t forget the Fisheye Submarine so you can take your fishy friend on subaquatic adventures!

*Visit the Fisheye No. 2 microsite for more info!*

Fisheye No. 2 has a 170-degree wide angle view and stunning barrel distortion. Now with a hotshoe and multiple and long exposure capabilities, the world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is now more amazing than you ever thought possible! Available in different colours and special designs.

written by denisesanjose on 2013-06-08 #news #fun #summer #lomography #fisheye #fisheye-2 #microsite #advertorial

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