Today in History (1969): Last episode of Star Trek airs on NBC


In classic sci-fi fashion, the last episode of Star Trek vouches some truth to the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Who isn’t familiar with Star Trek? Who doesn’t remember the Enterprise, those multi-colored crew uniforms, or the iconic image of Mr. Spock?

Star Trek is an American sci-fi TV series about the starship USS Enterprise and its crew, led by Captain James Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Leonard McCoy. Its first telecast on NBC was on September 8, 1966, and it was on this same day in 1969 that the last episode was aired.

In the last episode, Turnabout Intruder, Captain Kirk (played by William Shatner), is forcibly made to exchange bodies with a woman from her past, Dr. Janice Lester.

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Janice Lester was one of Captain Kirk’s contemporaries in Starfleet. The two were romantically involved until Kirk became the Captain of the Enterprise and Lester became overly resentful of their career differences.

On one of the Enterprise’s voyages, the crew receives a cry for help from Camus II, a planet that was once inhabited by highly advanced beings with the special ability to exchange life-entities. The Enterprise lands on Camus II and finds an ailing Lester, along with Dr. Arthur Coleman, who is tending to her.

Unaware of Lester’s malicious intent, Captain Kirk examines an apparatus and Lester grabs the opportunity to switch it on and activate a life-energy transfer. Captain Kirk’s personality is then trapped in Lester’s body while Lester takes over his body, as part of the spiteful woman’s plan to take over the Enterprise, and to fulfill her dream of being the captain of a starship once and for all!

As the person closest to the real Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock couldn’t be fooled. Check out the scene between the first officer and the Captain, trapped inside a woman’s body.

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So how does the episode end? Well, the Captain gets his old body back, and Janice Lester tries to hurt him one last time. Everything goes back to normal, and the crew continues its mission.

But this wasn’t the last that people saw of Star Trek. There have been several reruns, spinoffs, and remakes, even!

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