Holga 135 - BC Isn't a Reference of Time


The Holga 135BC is the love child of convenience and analogue ecstasy neatly packaged into a small plastic camera.

Apart from being marshmallow white, my Holga 135BC is no different than the one that can be found here on Lomography.com. She was a Christmas gift and has found a nice place to sleep at night with my other gear.

I thought that it would be extra spectacular to use Lomography's Redscale Negative film as the inaugural roll and I am quite pleased with the results, albeit with some trouble at the local lab for over correcting the redness. They reprinted it with no problem at all and that made my day.

On to the camera! Boy is she a beauty. Her stature rivals that of my Minolta Hi-Matic E and dwarfs my LOMO LC-A+ but I love her dimensions to bits. And with her equally extravagant flash with multiple color gels she fills out a nice profile.

Her breadwinner is that of the entire Holga line: the dreamy lens. The layout is virtually the same with pictures (instead of actual measurements) to help you select the focus. She features a threaded shutter release button (for cable releases) and two shutter speed settings: N and B. It couldn’t be more simple than day and night.

BC stands for “Blackened Corners” and not “Before Christ.” She’s actually much younger than Jesus. But I’m glad that somewhere, someone at the Holga factory thought “Oh! let’s make it a million times easier for people to shoot with these and get the same results.” Light as a feather and sturdier than a rock, she sure can take a knock. Her form and figure were the talk of the party, which makes it easier for me to take pictures because people are amused by her.

I find that its easier to see the Blackened Corners when the pictures were taken during the day or against a light background at night.

written by obungen on 2010-02-15 #gear #review #redscale #holga #135bc


  1. mrs-paul
    mrs-paul ·

    You write a great review!

  2. obungen
    obungen ·

    Thank you!! :)

  3. sarahboat
    sarahboat ·

    What a great review! I like shots 14 and 15 the best. Well done! I'm hoping to get one of these cameras for my birthday : )

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yeah ! N°15 is really something ! Good job !

  5. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    my first lomo camera - woop!

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