A True Comparison Between the LC-Wide and the LC-A


In this post, I made a quick comparison between the Lomo LC-Wide and the LC-A, in the same conditions. Same place, day, time, and the same two films (a pair of fresh HP5+ belonging to the same production batch), both developed together in the same tank, and both digitalized with the same scanner (a professional Frontier mini-lab)

Between the requested posts of this month, there are articles about LC-A and LC-Wide. I wrote in the past other articles about these jewels, but now I’ll write a totally different article. A true comparison, in the same conditions, of both cameras. These photos were taken in Como, Italy on the same day and on the same hour. I used two Ilford HP5+ (not expired) film rolls, belonging to the same production batch. I exposed both the rolls at the nominal 400 ISO, and I developed by myself these film, putting them together in the same tank. I used a fine grain developer as R09 Spezial (a new name of the Rodinal Special), and I scanned the film in a trusted photography shop in Como at the same moment, with the same professional Fuji Frontier scanner and with the same density regulation. Enjoy first the photos taken with the LC-A:

Credits: sirio174

I love the richness of greytones (see the clouds, never full white without details), and the great sharpness of the lens (this is a LC-A refurbished that I bought some days ago at Lomography Online Shop; the camera is like new!)

Now the photos taken with the LC-Wide:

Credits: sirio174

I love the spectacular wide angle view (even if some photos are cropped by me), but I noted that these images are slightly overexposed, with less details in the bright areas, and a less plastic greytone rendition. Maybe this might be due to a different lens, or to a different exposure reading (on a more wide view). Surely these cameras are totally different. I love both, and it is always a pleasure shooting with one of these camera! But sincerely, the legendary Russian Minitar lens of the LC-A is unique!

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