Weekend Album Review: The Five Ghosts


The Five Ghosts is the fifth studio album of Canadian indie pop band Stars.

A new month is upon us, and we’re happy to introduce a new series. It’s called Weekend Album Review.

Weekend Album Review is not just about music. It’s about albums or records with really interesting album covers or inlays, ideally those with scenic or beguiling analogue images!

Our first featured album is The Five Ghosts, the fifth studio album by Canadian indie pop band Stars. It was released under Soft Revolution, the band’s own record label, in June 2010.

Photo via lastfm

The artwork was created by The Cardboardbox Project and Jakob Lorenz. It shows a black and white portrait of a little girl double exposed against the photo of four other children. Very ghostly indeed!

Main CD
1. “Dead Hearts”
2. “Wasted Daylight”
3. “I Died So I Could Haunt You”
4. “Fixed”
5. “We Don’t Want Your Body”
6. “He Dreams He’s Awake”
7. “Changes”
8. “The Passenger”
9. “The Last Song Ever Written”
10. “How Much More”
11. “Winter Bones”

Deluxe Edition Bonus CD
1. “Opinions Versus The Sun” (Stars vs. The Album Leaf)
2. “The Five Ghosts”
3. “The Black House, The Blue Sky” (Stars vs. Montag)
4. “The Dead Beg for More” (Stars vs. of Montreal)

Stars is a Canadian indie-pop band composed of lead vocalist and songwriter Torquil Campbell, singer-guitarist Amy Millan, keyboardist Chris Seligman, bassist Evan Cranley, and drummer Pat McGee. It was originally formed in Toronto in 1998, with only Campbell and Seligman as members.

Stars suffers from poignant lyrics syndrome; collectively, their songs embody the perfect marriage of poetry of and music. Campell is definitely a skilled and profound lyricist. His voice perfectly complements Millan’s and fuses impeccably with the saccharine musical arrangements. Their songs are moving tales of love found, love lost, regret, remorse, jubilation, and other effectual emotions. The Five Ghosts encapsulates a handful of sentiments, so expect an emotional roller coaster ride, albeit a pleasurable one.

Favorite tracks in the album are ‘Fixed’ and ‘I Died So I Can Haunt You.’ You can listen to the tracks online first, but I’m pretty sure you’ll like them enough to download the entire album.

Till next week’s Weekend Music Review!

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