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Chicago winters are tough, but they make everyone in this city really appreciate summertime. It’s time to get out of the house and maybe see those friends you’ve been blowing off during your hibernation. As for us, we’ve planned some really special events for all of you to come out to. What better way to enjoy the sunny days than a boat tour with your favorite people ever!
We’re talking about us, not your action figure collection.

Sunday June 2nd @ 2pm – Lomokino Movie Maker!*

Finally, you can be the master of film-making! Come to this workshop and we’ll show you how to use the LomoKino to make your own amazing short movies. Did you know that there is a way to record your movies into your smart phone? We will teach you how! If you have your own LomoKino be sure to bring it, and if not you can borrow one from us.

photo by waggrad00

Sunday June 9th @ 2pm – Darling Diana Mini*

The Diana Mini may be a petite little darling but she’s got lots of tricks up her sleeve! This camera can shoot square and half-frame, take multiple exposures, and so much more! Bring your own Diana Mini and we’ll give you free film to shoot with, but don’t worry if you don’t. We’ve got loaners available at the store. Come out and see why this cutie is one of our favorite cameras to shoot with.

photo by stevenboo

Thursday June 13 @ 6pm – 9pm – Mystery Camera Launch Party! (FREE)*

You heard it right, we’re having another phenomenal party. As usual, the whole thing is free! This time we’re getting ready to unveil a brand new camera. What is it? Well if we told you, it wouldn’t be a mystery, duh. We’ll give you some hints though throughout the party. Be sure to come prepared in your most DIY outfit. We’re looking for people who dress according to our CONSTRUCTION theme (that may be a hint about the camera, just saying).

photo by aaronsweatt

Sunday June 16th @ 2pm – Fantastic Plastic*

Come learn all about our most exciting, fun loving, and most plastic cameras! This workshop will be al about our Multi-Lens and Fisheye cameras. Come learn how to master shooting from the hip and getting a close up wide angled view of the world! This is a great workshop for first time Lomographers and those who are still kids at heart!

photo by stevenboo

Sunday June 23rd @ 2pm – Become an X-PRO Pro with the LCA+!**

X-PRO is the name of the game when it comes to those gorgeous, surreal colors you see in so many beloved Lomography images. At this workshop we will learn all about cross processing, and the science behind it. Find out what films will give you what effects, and the best camera to use to get the coolest photo possible. We will be using our favorite X-PRO camera for this workshop, the LCA+. You will become an X-PRO pro before you leave for the day!

Sunday June 30th @ 11am – approximately 4pm – SPINNER 360 CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE BOAT TOUR! $30 (RSVP by pre-pay only)**

We’re on a boat. WE’RE ON A BOAT. You heard right everyone. Our coolest workshop to date is finally here. We’re taking out the Spinner 360 and doing an architectural boat tour in Chicago. First we’ll meet up at the Lomography Gallery store in Chicago to get the cameras loaded, and learn how to shoot with them. Afterwards we will all head out to the boat for some summer fun in the sun. This will be one of our best events to date so make sure you don’t miss it!

Be sure to read about the full details of this phenomenal trip here

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*Cost is $10, $7 for students with ID. ALL workshops include a loaner camera and a free roll of film. Workshops are free if you bring your own workshop camera. Drop off your film off at the store after the workshop! (There are no discounts for lab services).

  • Space is limited so please pre-register by contacting LGS,

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