Diana Mini - How I Fell in Love


The Diana Mini had become a legend before we even got to press her shutter. The Diana Mini is the undisputed Queen of half-format photography. Her good looks and ability to produce double the images per roll than traditional 35mm cameras woo everybody.

While it is true that half-format photography is old and that it was very popular once before, the Diana Mini is such a joy to use, that I prefer it over my other half-format cameras. Small, light-weight, versatile, what can one want more? You can even use it with the Diana+ Flash! Two apertures, bulb setting, square or half-format images, the creative possibilities are endless!

However, I must admit that I resisted temptation when the Mini first came out. I had just bought some other cameras and said to myself ‘Come on, you don’t need ANOTHER half-format camera!‘. But the Lomographic gods didn’t like this one bit. I had committed hubris. Because the Mini is not just another half-format camera. It is the worthy progeny of Diana! Thus it came to pass, that when I embarked upon my photographic journey to Athens with my trusted Nikon D80, I was punished for my hubris by the Lomographic gods. I had deliberately not taken a film camera with me, another hubris! So, on the airport, before I had even left the country, something which has never happened before transpired: I dropped my camera bag. It was as if an invisible hand removed the shoulder strap from my shoulder. I was shocked. I immediately checked the D80 to see if all was alright. It wasn’t. While there was no damage to the camera, a HUGE dust conglomerate had been dislodged and had nested itself on the sensor, blotting out about 50% of every image. I was stricken. Realizing my hubris and my punishment I begged for forgiveness. I remembered the words of one of the great analog gurus: ‘Every time I put a film in my camera it is dustless and fresh and I don’t have to worry about dust on the sensor and similar crap!’.

Thus, I headed immediately for the nearest Lomographic store once I arrived in Athens. First, I meditated. Then, I accepted the grace of the Diana Mini. Those who first deny then become the firmest of supporters. About 20 rolls of expired film (yay!) were to provide adequate nourishment for my Queen. From the first shutter depression I had fallen in love. I could not stop hearing the shutter click. I had been blind, but her viewfinder gave me sight again. Thank you Diana Mini!

The D80? I dropped it off at a Nikon authorized dealer not far from where I bought the Mini, since I couldn’t get rid of the dust myself. Cleaning it almost cost as much as the Diana Mini! Had I not tried to resist her charm, none of the grief would have been mine. Suits me well.

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  1. rater
    rater ·

    You made me smile with your story, analog gods took well care of you, be gratefull. Besides, they were mercifull, a bit of dust in the sensor is better than a broken lens. Praise to the lomogods. As a token of my fidelity, I just ordered a mini.

  2. nicksholga
    nicksholga ·

    Haha this is lovely! I know the feeling about deciding between digital or film, but the Diana Mini is just so dang convenient! Sweet gallery. Did you photo a movie shoot??

  3. nural
    nural ·

    Such a lovely text!!!

  4. nural
    nural ·

    oh and #4 is amazing!

  5. emilios
    emilios ·

    Great shots of Athens!:) Nice article.

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    Ahaha ! Take that, bloody D80!!! Hoo sorry my friend, I'm being mean... I loved the story and the shots reminded me how nice is Athens... Pantou oraies gomenes ! ; )

  7. emilios
    emilios ·

    @ stouf. Tha simfwnisw apolita mazi sou sto oso afora tis gkomenes. Stin athina to kalokairaki idika yparxei sinexis m***othiella heheheh

  8. lomoblood
    lomoblood ·

    hahaaa your story is lovely :] and so are the shots. ughh now im going to have to buy one :]

  9. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Thank you very much for your comments and I am glad I could entertain you with my true parable. It cannot be coincidence that it was published today, for just today I have been scanning the rest of the rolls from that trip (I have a huge backlog of films to scan...) and I am uploading the first scan batch just now :D
    @rater True, it was meant for me to learn a lesson, and I have, merciful how Fate is. What a wise decision to arm yourself with such a divine artifact my friend!
    @nicksholga Thank you for nice words. As a matter of fact I ran into the shooting for an installment of MEGA Star with Katerina Stikoudi and some male singer. Katerina Stikoudi is a greek topmodel (read: half-goddess) and I was so lucky to run into her AGAIN just a few days afterwards, while she was shooting ANOTHER installment for her show :O I was lucky enough to capture two shots of her on the roll, namely numbers #73 and #74. Praise to the lomogods! You can see them in the album I have just uploaded, namely:
    www.lomography.es/homes/cyan-shine/albums/athens-by-diana-m… first picon the right!
    @nural thanks so much! Have I ever told you how much I like your work btw.? :)
    @emilios Evxaristw poly file mou, na 'sai kala, elpizw na gyrisw syntoma ksana sta patria :D Athens is just such a beautiful city, I'd have to be damned and cursed not to get any good shots ;D
    @stouf hehe, I totally understand :D Ase, oi Ellhnides einai 8ees :D
    @lomoblood Thanks man :D You can't go wrong with the Mini!

  10. stouf
    stouf ·

    @emilios and @cyan-shine, mounothiella einai gamati lexi, eideika otan mporis na tin xhrisimopoisis! 8DDD

  11. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    @stouf xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa :D

  12. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Great text. Congrats!

  13. emilios
    emilios ·

    @stouf and @cyan-shine Xaxaxaxaxaxaxa. Nai nai . Foveri leksi. Otan pas kamia Mykono eidika to kalokairi...Einai san ton mousona xaxaxaxaxaxaxa

  14. kutchiara
    kutchiara ·

    "From the first shutter depression I had fallen in love." I fell in love with this tiny dancer too!

  15. pia
    pia ·

    Nice article! It made me appreciate my diana mini more and more!
    Loving my diana mini! :D

  16. coollizlemon
    coollizlemon ·

    Haha I liked the story. I coudn't resist the Mini either (: oh &beautiful pictures!

  17. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    I just loved this article! I had some piggies so decided to buy one two months ago... it's pure love! Too bad I waited so long to get one! :-)

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