Daily Picks from the Sales Section: Holga 135 Fisheye Lens


Wanna go for a wider perspective for your Holga 135 without breaking the bank? Then hook yourself up with the Holga 135 Fisheye Lens! Today on the Daily Picks from the Sales Section!

The Holga 135 is the 35mm version of the original Holga, sporting an all-plastic lens and the traditional two-shutter and two-aperture settings. It gives you the liberty to expose a single frame as much as you want, and provides you with images that are teeming with color and contrast.

And with the Holga 135 Fisheye Lens, you’ll be able to give your images that fishy 170° perspective! Just attach the lens in front of your Holga lens barrel and snap away!

Read all about the Holga 135 Fisheye Lens over at the Holga microsite.

Credits: georgia182, mikeydavies, vicuna & cryboy

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Find yourself wanting one of these babies? Well, you’re in for a treat as you can now get your own Holga 135 Fisheye Lens at a special 45% discount* over at the Online Shop!

*discounts may vary per region.

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