Back in Time: Analogue Snapshots From The Old Days


Lomography has been in existence for 20 years, but my photo history goes even further back to more than 30 years. While I was rummaging through my old photo albums and boxes around Christmas time, I came across quite some nice pictures!

Meat transport in Beijing, China, 1994.

Last summer, I found back my old camera bag with analog cameras. In this bag, I found my first camera, a Kodak pocket B-1 camera, which I got for my 11th birthday. This simple camera uses 110 film, the film format recently re-introduced by Lomography.

My first (family) pictures with my own little camera. Leeuwarden, the Netherlands and France, 1981. School trip with last class of primary school to Ameland, 1982.

It’s funny to see the pictures of my first visit to Paris with my parents and brother; I have been there last summer with my wife and kids (check my album Paris Summer 2012). In part, we visited the same places, the “not-to-be-missed” tourist highlights.

City trip to Paris, 1984. Quality of my photos was getting better, or was the picture of the Sacre-Coeur a lucky shot?
Trip to Rome with high school, 1986.

At sixteen, I bought my first SLR camera, with the money I had earned from delivering newspapers. It was a used Minolta XG-2, with a Minolta 50 mm/f1.7 lens. This had a positive effect on the sharpness and composition of my photos; at last, I could see in the viewfinder exactly what I was getting in the picture! In high school, I also joined to the darkroom club, where you could print your own black & white photos.

In my final year (1988-1989), we organized an occupation of the school to protest against an impending merger into a large school cluster. One of the organizers of that occupation was my classmate Diederik Samsom, now leader of the political party PvdA in the Netherlands (not pictured).

Credits: wesco

During my study in Groningen, I continued shooting, especially on my student union where we had our own darkroom in the basement.

In 1994, I went with a study trip to China and Hong Kong, where I shot many rolls. In China, the light meter of my Minolta SLR broke down, but fortunately, I was able to purchase a replacement body, being a Seagull DF-300×. This is a Chinese license from the Minolta X-300, which can use the same lenses.

Credits: wesco

During the study trip we visited the economic development in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, I had my rolls of film developed and printed, which was cheaper and reduced the risk of x-ray radiation on the rolls at the airports.

In Hong Kong, I also bought the then just new Olympus mju, a compact point-and-shoot camera. This camera is now still used by my mother, who knows if I will get it back sometime if she switches to digital? After the study trip I made with a friend a journey through the beautiful landscapes of southern China. It was a wonderful trip, where I could fulfill my passion for photography optimally.

Credits: wesco

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