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Hungry for another installment of Camera Collections? Well, you’ll certainly get fed today with Canadian community member @deepfried_goodness's humble but hearty caboodle of analogue gear! And when we asked how much film he had, he said “a freezer full.” Yum!

Photo by deepfried_goodness

Hi, Keith a.k.a. deepfried_goodness! How did you start collecting film gear?
I didn’t intend to have a collection. About five years ago I saw the photos my friend was producing with his original LC-A and decided that I would need to have one of my own. I already had an ActionSampler that I received a s a gift, but was using a digital for everything. I eventually picked up a Holga 135 and started shooting with film more often. Since I shoot professionally for work (I’m a graphic designer), I saw film as an escape and new creative outlet. I started seeing digital as a work process and film as a personal creative process. I still wanted to take pictures, but didn’t want it to feel like I was doing work. A few months after getting the Holga, I received a white Fisheye One for Christmas, and from there it seems to have just snowballed to my current collection.

Credits: deepfried_goodness

Can you itemize every camera, accessory, and film you own?
Sure. Everything in my collection is in working condition. I make sure I use each of them at least once a year. Obviously, I use some more often than others.

Diana F+, Helios 44-4 lens (M42 mount), Soligor 80-200mm (M42 mount), Diana F+ Wide Angle lens and Diana Flash, Diana F+ with Telephoto lens, Spinner 360, Belair 6x12 Jetsetter (on Gorillapod), Fisheye 2, Zenit 11 with Kenlock 135mm lens, Yashica A (1959), Minolta Autocord Citizen MVL (1965), Lomography Ringflash, Fisheye One White with Fisheye Submarine underwater case, ActionSampler Clear, Holga 135, AGFA Isolette I (1952), Yashica Lynx IC 14 (1969), LC-A+, Diana Mini, Canon T2i (550) DSLR with 55-250 zoom (digital), Tamron Macro lens (digital) and Canon 18-55 kit lens (digital).

Cameras not in shot are: Canon G9 (digital), Pentax K1000 SLR, and a cardboard pinhole camera I’ve not put together yet. Also not in the shot are the various filters, prisms, flash mounts, camera cases and other tripods. My film supply changes weekly but contains a wide variety of 35 and 120 sizes in black & white, E-6 and C-41 emulsions.

Credits: deepfried_goodness

Do you like to use your them or admire them from the shelf?
As mentioned earlier, everything in my collection is working and I use. I’m not one to just have something sitting on a shelf. The only camera that no longer works is the white Fisheye One. While on vacation last year I didn’t close the Underwater Case properly and some salty Mediterranean Sea got in. The inside is now very rusted.

Will you ever part with your collection?
I’ve parted with a few cameras and occasionally think if selling one or two to finance the purchase of a different camera.

Credits: deepfried_goodness

Is your collection complete or is there still that “Holy Grail” piece you’re looking for?
The collection won’t likely ever be complete. I may try my hand at large format one day, so one of those cameras my be in the collection at some point. As of right now, the camera I have been saving for is the Horizon Perfekt. I’ve had my eyes on that swing-lensed gem from the moment I saw it. Luckily, it should be mine sometime in the summer. The most recent addition is the AGFA Isolette I which I picked up a couple of days ago but have not yet had a chance to run some film though it.

Credits: deepfried_goodness

Fast Camera Collection Facts:
Number of Cameras: 16 film, 2 digital
Number of Accessories: Not sure
Number of films: a freezer full
Number of years collecting: 5
Biggest buy/most expensive item? Not including digital, I think the Yashica A is worth the most (until I get the Horizon Perfekt!)
Sweetest steal/cheapest scored item? $40 for my Minolta Autocord with can easily be sold for $200 and up
Most prized possessions/favourites from the collection? Hard to say since it changes regularly, but I think I enjoy shooting the medium format twin-lens reflex Yashica A and Minolta Autocord the most.
Amount of money spent? I’m afraid to find out.

Thanks for showing us your Camera Collection, @deepfried_goodness!

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Care to share your camera collection? E-mail with the contents of your camera shelf, film fridge, and what not, and you could be our next featured film photographer!

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  1. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    Thanks for the feature. Cheers!

  2. diomaxwelle
    diomaxwelle ·

    I think I have that same, or similar Agfa myself. :3 Its one of my favorites.

  3. vici
    vici ·

    nice to read about you!…@deepfried_goodness

  4. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Yyyyyyyyupp. A good collection of hardware indeed.

  5. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    lovely collection!

  6. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    I can now add my "Holy Grail" to the collection. I have now purchased the Horizon Perfekt. It's going to be a very good weekend.

  7. japsix
    japsix ·

    @deepfried_goodness great!!! a fridge full of film... oh!!! <3

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