Today in History (1937): German Automobile Manufacturer Volkswagen was founded

2013-05-28 3

Here’s a slice of history for VW collectors!

Photo by adi_totp

Talk about vintage.

Who isn’t familiar with Volkswagen? Who hasn’t seen—-and probably admired—-a Beetle, Karmann Ghia, or Kombi in his lifetime?

On May 28, 1937, the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen was founded by the German Labour Front as an answer to the transportation needs of the public. Back then, the automobile industry was dominated by luxury cars which regular citizens could not afford. Projects that involved the production of “people’s cars” were in place and Volkswagen was the most prolific of all these endeavors.

It was actually Ferdinand Porsche, an Austrian-German automotive engineer(now with an entirely different car company named after him), who designed the Volkswagen Type 1 or what we have come to know as the Volkswagen Beetle.

The first Volkswagen factory was built in 1938, but it was only in 1945 that VW Type 1’s grew in production. The 1950’saw the Volkswagen Type 2, more popularly known as the Kombi, Transporter, Microbus or the Bully; as well as the elegant, sophisticated Karmann Ghia.

Check out some creative shots of arguably the coolest cars ever built!

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  1. roboticoffee
    roboticoffee ·

    Great little article. Makes me long for the days when I was cruising around in my old 64 bug.

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Das ist mein Lieblingsauto!

  3. archieclark
    archieclark ·

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