Rad Redscales Taken Using the Lubitel 166+


Summer means brighter days and fun under the sun, making it one of the best times to shoot redscale photos. So, if you have a Lubitel 166+ and a handful of Lomography Redscale Films, we bring you some inspiring redscale photos taken using this dashing duo!

Credits: moodification

With the bright, sunshine-y days ahead, the light-hungry redscale films are among the best for the season. What’s interesting about redscale films is the wide range of red and orange hues (and occasionally, even greens and purples!) you can get with just one roll — you can go full on fiery red, warm orange, or near sepia-like, depending on the ISO setting, aperture, or shutter speed that you use!

One camera that gives you full control over redscale films is the Lubitel 166+, a medium format favorite of many lomographers for the crisp and vibrant photos it produces. Now, while redscale films are typically “made” using 35mm films, Lomography has its own redscales in 120 format, so you can play with those reds and oranges with the added benefit of the crispness that comes with medium format films!

Curious about what you can achieve with the redscale film + Lubitel 166+ combination? Take a look at what some of our fellow lomographers have taken using this dynamic duo:

Credits: disdis, tiano, t-rav, dakadev_pui, mihauandpaolo, moodification, nigelk, satomi, ernus, kazama77, lawypop & gocchin

The Lubitel 166+ is a loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic. Based on a design that dates back over 60 years, this camera is updated with new features like the ability to shoot both 120 and 35mm film. Shoot mind-blowing images with the Lubitel 166+, available in our Online Shop.

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