Lomo Lubitel 166+: 10 Reasons Why it's the Best Companion

2013-06-05 2

If it happens that you have more than two cameras on your shelf, then you are in trouble. I mean the troubleof deciding which one to take with you when you go out for a walk. All my cameras are probably a bit jealous about the Lomo Lubitel 166+, but it proved to be the best medium format companion I have.

In this review, I won’t go into technical details, and all that things that you can read on the web page for this lovely camera. However, I will write you 10 reasons why I love it, and why I would not change it for any other camera.

1. Sharp images and wonderful photos
Lubitel 166+ posses the quality lenses, which will always help you to shoot wonderfully sharp pictures and you just need a little practice to be able to guess the correct distance.

2. Medium format
Tell me, who doesn’t like the medium format?

3. Photos from the hip
The way how you shoot the pictures with Lubi is very different, but very sexy and eye-catching, like the look of the camera.

Credits: erikagrendel

4. The look
When I first walked out with my Lubi hung on the neck, all the passers-by were looking at me. OK, not at me but at my belly, at the Lubitel. It has such a handsome old school design that everybody wants to talk with you and ask you something about this camera.

5. Other formats to choose from
You don’t have to shoot just on square format (although, that one is my favourite), but you can also load it with 35mm film or you can shoot an endless panorama.

6. Rewinding
The rewinding function is very practical. It may happen that you forget to shoot one frame, or you want to return, rewind and shoot a double. Moreover, this function is just perfect for the film swaps.

7. Doubles
Shooting doubles is the perfect way to take more pictures on 120mm films, to experiment, to have fun and to cooperate with other Lomographers on little or bigger doubles projects.

doubles with mephisto19

8. The flash
Lomo Lubitel 166+ works perfectly with every flash I have, so you don’t have to be afraid that the photos will come out underexposed during a party or any other fun-evening-or-night-occasion.

9. Self-portraits or low light photography
Since the cable release connection is included in the package, you can try to shoot during night or in low light conditions in Bulb setting and capture the magical beauty of such situations.

10. LOVE
Do I have to tell you more about the 10th reason? Honestly, I fell in love with this camera the first day I met it.

Credits: erikagrendel

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  1. qlamerand
    qlamerand ·

    I would add its incredible lightness for a TLR.

  2. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·

    @qlamerand, @adi_totp and @ricoinbrooklyn Thank you for liking this article :)

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