Analogue House Colours' Beats of Vietnam – Food (Stage 1)


Vietnam’s Analogue House is having a LomoWall Exhibition at L’Espace – Centre Culturel Français de Hanoï this October known as Colours’ Beats of Vietnam! It’s the first of it’s kind in the country and will feature hundreds of analogue photos of and inspired by Vietnam. Would you like to be part of the locale’s film event of the year? Join our 4 competition stages, submit your photos, and you may see them in the momentous LomoWall later this year!

Credits: savyking

For the first stage Analogue House asks you go out and photograph the FOOD of Vietnam. If you’re in the country, then you’ve got plenty of delicious street food and café to be inspired by and to whet your appetite. Not to worry if you’re in Japan, Argentina or elsewhere because we’d like you to submit images that are inspired by the Food of Vietnam.

Credits: anneke_allers

Multiple people will have the opportunity for their photos to be selected and used in the Colours’ Beats of Vietnam LomoWall Exhibition though we’re offering one lucky winner of each stage a surprise Diana F+ Edition!

Stage 1 Details:

  • Selected photos will be used in the Colours’ Beats of Vietnam LomoWall Exhibition!
  • Selected photos will be announced shortly after the end of each round.
  • Photos should follow the theme – “Inspired by the Food of Vietnam”.
  • x1 winner of this stage will get a surprise Diana F+ Edition!
  • All photos must be taken with an analogue camera.
  • Stage 1 ends August 15, 2013.

So show off your techniques, shoot for the brightest and most vibrant colors, share your fond memories or impressions of the delicate and flavorful Food of Việt Nam!

Read this post in Vietnamese here.
Visit Analogue House's Blog for more information.

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